Fashion & Travel Insiders – Aubrey Daquinag

Next up in the FC Insiders series is Aubrey Daquinag, the creative force behind The Love Assembly. Aubrey travels the world capturing it all in the most beautiful way, to get an idea watch her YouTube video here; and try to tell me you haven’t been bitten by the wanderlust bug after!

What’s your favourite holiday climate?

Spring time travels is always nice – not too hot or too cold, and it’s when the flowers bloom!

What’s your favourite destination to date?

I always struggle with this question because I love different destinations for different reasons, that’s the beauty of travelling – seeing, experiencing and learning through a variety of cultures, colours, scents, food, sceneries, languages and architecture. From what I’ve experienced so far I loved my latest travels through the north of India, I was so happily immersed in such rich culture in every little aspect, I love the Philippines for the peoples hospitalilty, friends and living the ultimate island life (there’s 7000+ islands) and seeing more of the world has made me fall in love with home (Australia) even more.

Do you have any FC insider tips/recommendations? What to wear? 

I normally go for a travel uniform based on the locations climate, a neutral colour palette with pieces that mix and match / can be worn multiple ways, and accessories that I purchase at each destination as souvenirs that really make your travel style your own.

What are your ultimate Travel Companions?

Camera – My number 1 accessory! 1 film and 1 digital. Tinted moisturiser with SPF, never forget to wear sunscreen kids! and;  a sense of curiosity (the most important, to replace fear with curiosty)

Tinted Moisturiser – Mecca Cosmetica

How important is traveling to you?

Travel teaches you more about yourself as much as it teaches you about the world. It’s super important for growth, inspiration, To travel is to evolve.

What would be the perfect holiday?

I’ve been going glamping quite a bit this year and I’d be happy being surrounded by my loved ones while glamping (even camping!), being surrounded by nature, cooking outdoors and spending nights by the bon fire laughing together. Not much could beat that, I don’t think!

Mojave Ghost Eau De Parfum – Byredo Parfum

Aubrey can be found blogging at the amazing The Love Assembly and on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

*This post first appeared on my original illustrated fashion and travel blog.