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The Essentials – Hesper Fox’s Kitsune Sleep Mask

Eye Mask – Hesper Fox

So for those who have just started to read my blog I don’t know how all of you are finding me but hello and welcome! Please know that ‘The Essentials’ doesn’t run in order of importance but it runs in order of, as and when I discover things I can never travel without…

Eye masks however are incredibly important when travelling long haul. This is especially true when a fellow passenger decides to stay up to watch movies for the entire flight, or like me you can’t sleep one bit when there is the odd flight attendant walking past. As to the British Airways Business Class mask, that can be alright… The First Class option even has little cushion-type things that sit under the eyes which block out all light. Yet I was in the market for a far more luxurious mask to wear inflight, and that’s when I found Hesper Fox. How cute too?

The Hesper Fox collection even includes luxury loungewear that is perfect for your entire airplane wardrobe. It can also double as your working from home get-up, if like me comfort isn’t the only thing you look for in your at-home-only apparel.

*This post first appeared on my original illustrated fashion and travel blog.

The Essentials – Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer

Elasticizer – Philip Kingsley

I totally get that having Audrey Hepburn as one of your style icons is a complete and utter fashion cliché but I can’t help it, she is, and you can leave now if you wish.

For those who don’t mind, I’ll carry on. The Elasticizer by Philip Kingsley is one of those cult products that has been around for a good while but I had yet to try it. Made especially for Audrey Hepburn whilst she was shooting a movie in London, and needed something to rescue her hair from the many trials and tribulations of having her hair styled on set everyday.

I’ve slotted The Elasticizer into my Travel Companion list as I do find I have more time on holiday for the extra beauty bits and bobs that I like to squeeze into an already over exaggerated beauty regime. And is it good? Well it leaves your hair soft and noticeably more moisturised after one application which is not something to ignore and like Philip Kingsley says, if it’s good enough for Audrey Hepburn…

*This post first appeared on my original illustrated fashion and travel blog.

The Essentials – Chantecaille’s Just Skin

I use the Chantecaille Just Skin all year round but it does make me feel and think of summer. Having a light tinted moisturiser on with just a flick of their Faux Cils mascara is simply just the right amount of coverage; giving me an even and glowing complexion but still my freckles are on show. Oh la la!

*This post first appeared on my original illustrated fashion and travel blog.