Month: June 2015

Fashion & Travel Insiders – Pandora Sykes

To kick off the FC Insiders series I’ve asked the super smart and super stylish Pandora Sykes to be the first FC Insider. From Kiini bikinis to Scrabble, Pandora talks holiday’s…

What’s your favourite holiday climate?

Summer, most definitely. I love aspects of all seasons but nothing beats minimal clothing and the sun on your bare (SPF’d!) skin.

What’s your favourite destination to date?

The Amalfi Coast, the Big Sur, Bali, Jamaica, the most northern point of Scotland and Copenhagen.

Do you have any FC insider tips/recommendations? What to wear? 

Always take ear plugs, pain killers, an eye mask and a pillow. Learnt that the hard way! To wear: old denim, piles of white cotton, anything backless, Kiini bikinis, flat sandals and lace up espadrilles, silk scarves to tie around hair/burnt shoulders/use as belt, and anything frilly. I’m much girlier in the summer, in a 90s kind of way.

What are your ultimate Travel Companions?

At least 4 books, Ancient Greek sandals, my Babyliss BigHair (In heat, left to dry naturally, I have hair like Monica in Friends on *that* holiday), Le Labo Santal moisturiser and Scrabble.

Santal 33 Body Lotion – Le Labo

How important is traveling to you?

I love it – it’s restorative to the soul. But it’s also a treat – an expensive treat – and should be treated as that!

What would be the perfect holiday?

Good people, delicious food and drink, plenty of sun, pool or sea and a soft bed with crisp sheets.


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*This post first appeared on my original illustrated fashion and travel blog.

Study 34

I was commissioned by Study 34 to create The Journey of a Study 34 Jumper. This series of illustrations shows the six stages in creating a study 34 jumper; from the moment you order, to the moment your jumper leaves the studio.

Stage One: Knitting

Stage Two: Panels

Stage Three: Seams

Stage Four: Washing

Stage Five: Labels

Stage Six: Packing